Surdas Short Biography, History and Childhood Incidents

Surdas Biography

Surdas was a 15th century blind saint, poet and musician. The name Surdas is paramount among the devout poets who flow the stream of devotion. Surdas is known for his devotional songs written on Lord Krishna. The expressions of Lord Krishna are clearly seen in Surdas ji’s compositions. Anyone who reads his creations is immersed in devotion to Krishna.
In his compositions, he describes Lord Shri Krishna as a touching and touching heart touching in the serene juice. Surdas ji had a good knowledge of Hindi literature, that is, he was considered a scholar of Hindi literature.

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Surdas ji

Surdas Wiki

Full NameSurdas
Year of Birth1535
Birth placeRunkata
Sahitya Lahiri,
Nal Damyanti
Father NameRamdas Sarswat
Master (Guru)Ballabhacharya
Married StatusUnmarried
Death1642 in Braj

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Biography of the best poet Surdas Ji

There is no strong evidence about the birth of the great poet Surdas ji. Literatureists have different opinions about their birth in Hindi literature. However, on the basis of evidence from several texts, it is believed that Surdas ji was born in the year 1535 in a village called Runkata. At the same time, this village is located along the Mathura-Agra road. His birth and place have been told through a padas.

“ रामदास सूत सूरदास ने , जन्म रुनकता में पाया !
गुरु बल्लभ उपदेश ग्रहण कर , कृष्णभक्ति सागर लहराया !”

The father of great devotee Surdas ji was named Ram Das, who was a great lyricist, songwriter. There are different differences about being blinded by the birth of the great poet Surdas. There is no authentic evidence of his birth, on the basis of which it can be said that he was blind from birth.

Surdas ji was absorbed in Bhagavad devotion from the very beginning. He devoted himself completely to devotion to Shri Krishna. The poet left home at the age of 6 only at the behest of his father to drown himself fully in Krishnaism. After this, they started living on the Gaughat of the Yamuna coast.

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Surdas Guru Ballabhacharya

Once Surdas ji left for his visit to Vrindavan Dham, during this time he met Ballabhacharya, after which he became his disciple. He met Sri Ballabhacharya at Gaughat itself and after He became his disciple.

Surdas received the initiation of devotion from Ballabhacharya. He gave Surdas ji the right guidance and inspired him to Shri Krishna Bhakti.

Let us tell you that an interesting fact about Bhaktikal’s great poet Surdas ji and his guru Vallabhacharya is that there was a difference of only 10 days between Surdas and his age. According to the scholars, Guru Ballabhacharya was born in 1534 to Vaishakha Krishna Ekadashi. Therefore, many scholars also consider the birth of Surdas around 1534 Vaishakh Shukla Panchami.

Let us tell you that Surdas ji’s Guru Ballabhacharya used to take his disciple with him to Govardhan Parvat Temple. At the same time, he used to serve Srinath ji, and every day he used to sing new padas and sing it through ektara.

It was Ballabhacharya who advised Surdas ji to sing the Bhagwat Leela. From then on, he started praising Shri Krishna. Devotion to Shri Krishna could be clearly seen in his singing.

Earlier, he used to make the padas of Vinay only in a humorous sense. The number of his padas is called ‘millennium’, the collected form of which is very famous as ‘Sursagar’.

Surdas ji as a Krishna devotee

After learning from his Guru Ballabhacharya, Surdas ji became completely absorbed in devotion to Lord Shri Krishna. There are many stories about Surdas ji’s devotion to Krishna.

According to a legend, once Surdas ji was so immersed in devotion to Shri Krishna that he fell down in the well, after which Lord Shri Krishna himself saved his life by giving a darshan.

After which Goddess Rukmani had asked Shri Krishna, O Lord, why did you save Surdas’ life. Then Lord Krishna said to Rukmani that true devotees should always help, and Surdas ji was his true worshiper who worshiped him with a tender gesture.

He described it as the fruit of worship of Surdas ji, while it is also said that when Shri Krishna saved the life of Surdas, he returned the eye light. After which Surdas first saw his beloved Krishna.

After this, Shri Krishna, pleased with Surdas’ devotion, asked him to ask for a boon. After which Surdas said – I have got everything and Surdas ji wanted to be blind after seeing his lord again.

Because they did not want to see anyone other than their lord. What was it then that Lord Shri Krishna fulfilled the wish of his beloved devotee and snatched away his eye light again. During this time, Lord Shri Krishna blessed Surdas ji that his fame spread far and wide and he should always be remembered.

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Surdas Bhajans – compositions of Surdas ji

There are 5 texts written by Surdas ji. Out of which, there is evidence of Sur Sagar, Sur Saravali and Sahitya Lahiri, Nal-Damayanti and Bihalo. There are said to be about one lakh padas in Sursagar. But in the current editions, only about 5000 padas are available. There are 1107 channd in Sur Saravali.

Evidence of its composition is found in Samvat 1602. Sahity Lahiri is a short composition of 118 padas. From the point of view of juice, this book comes under the category of makeup. Surdas ji has written most of his posts in Braj language. The 5 books/granth of Surdas ji are described below which are as follows:-


Sursagar is the most famous book of Surdas ji. In this book, Surdas has described the pastimes of Shri Krishna very well. In this book, Surdas ji is said to have the highest collection of one and a quarter million padas of Krishna devotion. But now only seven to eight thousand padas remain. Only more than 100 copies have been received at different places in Sursagar. At the same time, as many copies of this book have been found. They date from 1656 to the late 19th century. Let us tell you that in Sursager of Surdas, out of the total 12 chapters, 11 are found in brief form and the 10th wing is found in great detail. This rasa has the predominance of Bhaktiras in it.


Sursaravali is also one of the major texts. It contains a total of 1107 shand. Surdas ji composed this book at the age of 67 years. The whole is composed as a huge Holi song. At the same time, Surdas ji’s supernatural love for Shri Krishna is seen in this book.

Sahitya Lahiri

Sahitya Lahiri is another famous poetry book of Surdas. In this book, many compositions of various types of Krishnabhakti are presented through verse lines. Sahitya Lahiri is a shorthand for 118 padas.

The most important thing about this book is that in its last pad Surdas has told about his family tree. According to which Surdas is named “Suraj Das” and he is a descendant of Chandbardai. This book of Surdas ji comes under the category of Shringar Ras.


Byahlo is another famous book like Nal – Damayanti. Which are different from their devotional rasa.

Nal Damyanti

Nal – Damayanti is the story of Nal and Damayanti, a Mahabharata period, different from Krishna devotion to Surdas.

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Death Of Surdas

Like Surdas ji’s birth, there are many dispute about death. Surdas ji adopted the path of devotion. Surdas ji spent the last moments of his life in Braj. According to many scholars, Surdas died in 1642.
In this way the great poet Surdas life was devoted to devotion to Shri Krishna.


Who was Surdas

Surdas was a 15th century blind saint, poet and musician. The name Surdas is paramount among the devout poets who flow the stream of devotion. Surdas is known for his devotional songs written on Lord Krishna.

What is the language of Surdas poetry?

The language of Surdas poetry is Braj language.

When was Surdas born

Surdas was born on 1535

Where was Surdas born

Surdas was born in a village called Runkata, village is located along the Mathura-Agra road.

When was Surdas died

Surdas died in 1642

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