Paul Pogba Net Worth
Paul Pogba Net Worth
Paul Pogba Net Worth What is Paul Pogba's net worth? Introduction Paul Pogba is one of the most talented young soccer players of his time. He is one of the...

What is the net worth of Paul Pogba?

Net Worth: $125 Million
Age: 29
Born: March 15, 1993
Gender: Male
Height: 1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Country of Origin: France
Source of Wealth: Professional Soccer Player
Last Updated: August 2, 2022

One of the most gifted young soccer players in recent memory is Paul Pogba. He is one of the most expensive players in the world, and since he started playing, he has helped his team to many triumphs and many honors.

Four "Serie A" awards, two "Supercoppa Italiana," "UEFA Team of the Year," and the "FIFA Under-20 World Cup" are only a few of these honors. He now plays as a midfielder for both the France National team and the Manchester United F.C. club.

Paul Pogba has a net worth of $125 million as of January 2023.

Early Life

On March 15, 1993, Paul was born in Lagny-sur-Marne, France. Prior to Paul's birth, his family left Conakry, Guinea, for a better life in France.

Paul joined his first club, US Roissy-en-Brie, at the age of six after discovering in school that soccer was his actual passion. Paul significantly increased his playing ability over the course of the following seven years and garnered widespread recognition.

Later, he became a member of the club "US Torcy" and captained their "Under-13" team. He eventually joined the "Le Havre" club, a more illustrious group that would give him greater attention, shortly after joining the "US Torcy" team.

Despite "Le Havre" threatening "Manchester United" for allegedly paying Paul to join them, Paul continued in the "Manchester United" youth program until 2011 after joining in 2009.


In October 2009, he made his 'Manchester United' debut with the 'Under-18' squad. He assisted in his team's "Youth Cup" victory in 2011, and only a few months apart in 2012, he made his "Premier League" and "UEFA Europa League" debuts.

Paul faced some criticism for declining to sign a new "Manchester United" deal that same year.

He joined "Juventus" soon after leaving "Manchester United." He participated in both the UEFA Champions League and Serie A during his debut season with the team, and he was given the "Golden Boy" title in 2013.

He was one of the top ten most promising players in Europe in 2014, and he helped his side win the 2015 Serie A title, the Champions League finals, and the Coppa Italia.

Paul Pogba signed an £89.3 million contract with "Manchester United" in 2016. In May 2017, he assisted Manchester in winning the "Europa League," and he also guided them to the "EFL Cup" finals.

Since the beginning of his soccer career, Paul has also been a member of the French national team, serving as its captain as they won their first "FIFA Under-20 World Cup."

Paul Pogba has a net worth of $125 million as of January 2023.


Here are some of Paul Pogba's greatest moments in his career:

  • Golden Boy (2013)
  • FIFA World Cup Awards – Best Young Player Award (2014)
  • FIFA U-20 World Cup – Golden Ball (2013)

Favourite Quotes

Outside football, I just love life, you know. We’re lucky to play football, to have all this body. Everyone’s watching us. You see how many people, they come and watch the game. It’s unbelievable, you see how many people they come. They shout your name and just enjoy life.” – Paul Pogba

“My family always helped me. I had people around me who always pushed me to be the best: my dad, my mum. My dad used to play and coach as well. But I wasn’t born with shiny things.” – Paul Pogba

“They teach you some things, but football is instinct sometimes. You just get the ball, and sometimes you dribble past three players and pass it; other times, you can shoot from far away. It’s just instinct. If you feel something, just do it. I am free to do that.” – Paul Pogba

3 Amazing Lessons

Now that you are fully informed on Paul Pogba's net worth and his path to success, let's look at some of the success lessons we can draw from him.

1. Follow your gut.

Do what you believe to be correct for you while following your passion. Only you have the power to create your future, so stay true to yourself and follow your passion to avoid missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

2. Relish in life.

Keep your life in focus. Live in the now and recognize how fortunate you are to have what you do. abide by the present.

3. Value the people who are close to you.

Keep your loved ones close and appreciate the effort and time they put into being with you. They will ultimately be the ones who support you no matter what the future may bring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paul Pogba's market value?

The projected value of Paul Pogba is $125 million.

How old is  Paul Pogba?

Paul Pogba turned 29 years old on March 15, 1993

What is Paul Pogba's height?

Paul Pogba is 6 feet 2 inches tall, or 1.88 meters.


One of the most successful and sought-after soccer players in the world, Paul Pogba, has emerged recently. He has helped every squad he has played on to multiple victories, and as he keeps playing, he will become more well-known.

Paul Pogba has a net worth of $125 million as of January 2023.


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