Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth
Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth
Kevin De Bruyne Net Worth What is Kevin De Bruyne's net worth? Introduction Kevin De Bruyne is a professional soccer player from Belgium, who is currently playing for ‘Manchester City’ and...

What is the net worth of Kevin De Bruyne?

Net Worth: $60 Million
Age: 31
Born: June 28, 1991
Gender: Male
Height: 1.81 m (5 ft 11 in)
Country of Origin: Belgium
Source of Wealth: Professional Soccer Player
Last Updated: August 2, 2022

Belgian-born professional soccer player Kevin De Bruyne now competes for both Manchester City and the Belgian national team.

He has previously received accolades from a variety of media outlets, including "complete footballer," "greatest European footballer," and "the fourth best footballer in the world."

Kevin De Bruyne's net worth is $60 Million as of January 2023.

Early Life

On June 28, 1991, Kevin De Bruyne was born in Drongen, Belgium.

Due to the nature of his parents' jobs, his family had to relocate frequently throughout the first few years of his existence. Kevin started playing soccer in his hometown at the age of four.

Kevin made the decision to leave home when he was 14 years old because he felt he lacked the opportunity and support to pursue his aspirations of being a professional soccer player. He entered Genk's academy after leaving, and as a teenager, he soon began to draw media notice.

Kevin made do with the little money he earned at the club because his family had very little money. He occasionally went to see his family while still in his adolescence, but he spent the majority of his time and energy on soccer.


Following his 2009 debut with Genk, he assisted his group in winning the Belgian Championship in the 2010–2011 campaign. Kevin joined Chelsea in early 2012, and in July of that year, he made his debut.

Chelsea revealed in August 2012 that Kevin would be temporarily sent to the 'Werder Bremen' club. Soon after, in July 2013, Kevin was once again a member of the Chelsea squad.

He transferred to play for the "Wolsburg" squad in January of 2014. In addition to being voted Germany's "Footballer of the Year," he finished the 2014–2015 season with 21 assists and ten goals, helping his team qualify for the "UEFA Champions League."

It was revealed in August 2015 that "Manchester City" had persuaded Kevin to sign a six-year deal worth roughly $72 million.

He twice received the "man of the match" award in 2016 as he guided his squad to the "UEFA Champions League" semifinals. Manchester recently revealed that they and Kevin had agreed to a new contract that would keep him with the team through the year 2023.

Kevin De Bruyne's net worth is $60 Million as of January 2023.


Here are some of Kevin De Bruyne's career's finest moments:

  • Signed to Manchester City for $72 million (2015)
  • UEFA Team of the Year (2017)
  • PFA Team of the Year (2017)

Favourite Quotes

“Work hard for the dreams that you have.” – Kevin De Bruyne

“I have tried to be more consistent since I came here and have had ups and downs, but last year and the start of this year has been constantly very good for me.” – Kevin De Bruyne

“I’m going with the flow of the team. I feel really good after good preparation – physically and mentally I’m ready to play. I get a lot of confidence from the manager and the teammates around me.” – Kevin De Bruyne

3 Amazing Lessons

Now that you are aware of Kevin De Bruyne's net worth and his path to success, let's look at some of the lessons in success he can impart to us:

1. Strive to achieve your goals.

To achieve your goals, put in a lot of effort. You must act and start achieving your goals right away since no one is going to do it for you.

2. The ups and downs help you be ready for the greatest to come.

There is no way to avoid having ups and downs; it is just a fact of life. The only thing you can do is to enjoy the good times and take lessons from the bad. All of your efforts will eventually pay off, and all of your hardships will have been worthwhile.

3. Fight for your goals.

When it comes to fulfilling your dreams, don't accept no for an answer. Anything is worthwhile if you want to accomplish your goals, so don't allow anything stand in your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the De Bruyne's net worth

Kevin De Bruyne has a net worth of $60 million.

How old is Kevin De Bruyne?

Kevin De Bruyne was born on June 28, 1991, and is 31 years old.

How tall is Kevin De Bruyne?

5 ft 11 in is the height of Kevin De Bruyne.


Soccer player Kevin De Bruyne is a gifted individual who has established a solid reputation for himself. Many people look up to and respect him, and he'll probably continue to guide his squad to success in the future.

Kevin De Bruyne's net worth is already $60 million at the age of only 27, and it will only increase in the future.

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