Matthew Koma Net Worth
Matthew Koma Net Worth
Matthew Koma Net Worth Matthew Koma is a Grammy Award-winning singer, songwriter, DJ, and record producer who has earned a shockingly huge net worth for his music.

What is Matthew Koma’s net worth? 

Net Worth:$25 Million
Born:June 2, 1987
Height:1.76 m (5 ft 9 in)
Country of Origin:United States of America
Source of Wealth:Professional DJ
Last Updated:August 2, 2022

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Matthew Koma is a singer, songwriter, DJ, and record producer who has created an impressive net worth by creating music and writing songs for other artists.

While his overall net worth is combined with his wife, actress Hilary Duff, Matthew Koma brings in a lot of money by himself and certainly isn’t at risk of going broke anytime soon.

As of January 2023, Matthew Koma’s net worth is estimated to be $25 Million.


Matthew Koma Facts

    While Matthew Koma started his music career in punk rock, he was mainly inspired by artists like Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello.

    When establishing himself as an artist, Koma collaborated with well-known artists, including Hardwell, Zedd, Afrojack, Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso, Tiesto, and OneRepublic.

  • In 2017, Matthew Koma released a song titled “Dear Ana,” highlighting his struggles with anorexia.
  • Koma wrote the Grammy-winning song “Clarity,” which was performed by Zedd in 2012.

    Early Life 

    Matthew Koma was born on Long Island in 1987 to Gerald and Rhonda Bair.

    Growing up, Koma attended Seaford High School but always took an interest in music, composing songs by the time he was nine. 

    By the time he was 16, Koma was distributing his own music, first getting involved in the punk rock music scene before transitioning from pop into hip-hop and eventually EDM. 

    He was strongly influenced by Bruce Springsteen and Elvis Costello and made an effort to create his own musical style using a variety of genres. 



    Matthew Koma was first noticed by Jimmy Iovine, who signed him with Interscope Records, which enabled him to release his first EP, Parachute, in May 2012.

    Since releasing his EP, Matthew Koma has collaborated with many notable artists and DJs, even taking part in the Sorry For Party Rocking world tour with LMFAO and the Far East Movement.

    When Bruce Springsteen released the song “Rocky Ground,” Koma co-produced a remix with Ron Aniello that was included on Springsteen’s album Wrecking Ball. 

    In 2015, Matthew Koma was featured in Kia Motors’ online video series Rediscovered, where he covered “Tracks of My Tears” by The Miracles before being surprised by an appearance from Smokey Robinson.

    The same year, Koma collaborated with The Knocks on their song, “I Wish (My Taylor Swift), which appeared on the group’s 2016 album.

    Koma also collaborated in 2017 on Shania Twain‘s fifth album, Now, including on her lead single “Life’s About to Get Good,” and in 2020, Matthew Koma also co-produced and co-wrote the single “Change Your Mind” by Keith Urban.


    Matthew Koma’s Career Earnings

    While Koma isn’t one of the richest DJs in the world, he does have a steady income.

    Throughout his career, we know a couple of things about his overall career earnings, including:

      In 2015, Matthew Koma had an estimated annual income of $15.2K.

      By 2017, Koma was averaging about $10.1K annually.

      In 2022, it is estimated that his annual yearly income has increased to $27.8K.

      Although most of his net worth comes from his combined finances with his wife, Hilary Duff, Matthew Koma has a steady income on his own, and he certainly isn’t strapped for cash.


      Personal Life

      Matthew Koma married actress Hilary Duff in 2019, and the pair have two daughters together, Banks Violet Bair and Mae James Bair.

      Hilary also has a son, Luca Cruz Comrie, from her previous marriage to hockey player Mike Comrie, who is Matthew Koma’s stepson.

      Early in his life, Koma struggled with anorexia, which hit him hard during the time he was releasing his first couple of hit songs.

      While he has since overcome the disorder, in 2017, he released the song “Dear Ana,” confessing that he almost lost his life to the disease.

      Matthew Koma is very active on his official Instagram page, often posting about his life and his music.

      Similarly, his official website showcases all of his work and upcoming tours, as well as news relating to future projects.


      Awards & Achievements

      As a singer, songwriter, DJ, and record producer, Matthew Koma has won and been nominated for a few considerable awards.

      Here are some highlights from Matthew Koma’s career:

      • At the MTV Video Music Awards in 2012, Matthew Koma was nominated for Best Dance Video for the song “Spectrum.”
      • At the Billboard Music Awards in 2012, Koma won Top Dance/Club Song for “Spectrum.”
      • In 2013 at the International Dance Music Awards, Koma was nominated for Best Progressive Track for the song “Years.”
      • At the BMI Pop Awards in 2014, Matthew Koma won Award-Winning Song for “Clarity.”
      • In 2014 at the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, “Clarity,” a song written by Matthew Koma and performed by Zedd, won Best Dance Recording.

        How Does Matthew Koma Spend His Money?

        Although Matthew Koma and his wife Hilary tend not to flaunt their wealth, we do know a few things about how the couple spends their money.

        Most notably, the couple owns a home in Los Angeles, and it was also the place where they held their low-key wedding.

        The 5,260 sqft Georgian-style Beverly Hills mansion is secluded and surrounded by tall hedges that enclose the backyard, while the inside is bright with a mix of modern and vintage styles.

        Although Duff first purchased the home, Koma moved in after the pair married and now lives there with his wife and children. 



        Matthew Koma may not have had the longest career in the industry, but he has enjoyed many important milestones that have been significant to his success.

        Here are some of the best highlights of Matthew Koma’s career: 

          In 2012, Matthew Koma was signed to Interscope records.

          The same year, Koma went on tour with LMFAO and the Far East Movement.

        • Koma wrote Zedd’s Grammy-winning song “Clarity” in 2012.
        • Matthew Koma partnered with DJ Hardwell in 2014 to release the hit single “Dare You,” which appeared on RAC’s debut album.
        • In August of 2020, Koma co-wrote and co-produced Keith Urban’s hit single “Change Your Mind.”

          Favorite Matthew Koma Quotes

          Although Matthew Koma tends to let his music speak for him, he has been known to say some pretty awesome things.

          Here are our favorite quotes from Matthew Koma:

          • “I started writing songs when I was really young; I grew up in a musical household – my dad’s a singer-songwriter, my brother’s a drummer – so it was something that I was born into.” – Matthew Koma
          • “Yeah, I come from a storyteller background, and it wasn’t until I started linking up with artists in an Electronic way that I really found how unique that marriage could be.” – Matthew Koma
          • “We live in a time and an age where everything you do is seen by the public or under a microscope if you put music out or put a video on YouTube.” – Matthew Koma
          • “Coming to a place where I wanted to make a record, and I’m finishing a record now that I feel is really reflective of who I am and what I want people to hear from me.” – Matthew Koma
          • “There’s something spiritual about a Bruce Springsteen show, the way he connects and speaks to his audience, the way he guides us in life through major events and politics – it’s an uplifting spirit that’s larger than music. It’s hard to describe it unless you’re at the show and witness to his presence.” – Matthew Koma

            3 Amazing Lessons From Matthew Koma

            Now that you know all about Matthew Koma’s net worth, we can look at the unique lessons about success that his career can teach us.

            Here are some of the best success lessons to learn from Matthew Koma:


            1. Don’t Give Up

            To be successful in anything, you have to stay committed and never give up, even when giving up seems like the easiest course of action.

            Accepting that things will be hard sometimes and committing yourself to work through them is one of the most important aspects of becoming successful.


            2. Collaborate

            Matthew Koma has collaborated with many famous artists throughout his career, enabling him to become incredibly successful.

            While it may be tempting to try and handle everything on your own, collaboration can be vital for expanding your horizons and finding opportunities that would otherwise be missed.


            3. Follow Your Passion

            Everyone has something they are passionate about, and finding out how to integrate that into your success can be a great way to stay motivated.

            Similarly, even finding time to pursue a specific passion in your free time can go a long way toward preventing burnout so that you can stay on top of your game for as long as possible.



            Matthew Koma may not be the richest DJ in the entertainment industry, but he certainly has made a name for himself.

            However, he is still fairly early in his career, so we can expect to see his net worth continue to increase steadily as he continues working on projects and new collaborations.

            Be sure to check back regularly to stay up-to-date on Koma’s net worth!

            As of January 2023, Matthew Koma’s net worth is estimated to be $25 Million.

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