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Kabir Das Biography

There are many stories regarding Kabir’s birth . According to some people, he was born from the womb of Brahmani, a widow of Kashi with the blessings of Jagadguru Ramanand Swami. Brahmani threw the child near Lahartara pond. He brought a weaver named Neeru to his house. He raised him. Later this child was called Kabir. Some Kabir Panthians believe that Kabir was born as a child on a beautiful lotus flower in the Lahartara pond in Kashi. According to an ancient scripture, a god named Auras and Priti of a yogi.

Some people say that he was a Muslim by birth and as a young man he came to know about Hinduism due to the influence of Swami Ramanand. In childhood, Kabir fell on the stairs of the Panchganga Ghat as soon as one night. Ramanand ji was descending the stairs to perform Gangesan, when his foot fell on Kabir’s body. Immediately the word Ram – Ram ’emanated from his mouth. Kabir accepted the same Rama as the deeksha-mantra and accepted Ramanand ji as his guru. In Kabir’s own words – We have appeared in Kashi, Ramanand warns.

Kabir Das Wiki

Full NameSant Kabir Das
ProfessionSaint, Poet, social reformer and Weaver
Year of Birth1455 (1398 AD)
Birth PlaceKashi (Varanasi)
Year of Death1575 (1518 AD)
Death PlaceMaghar near Kashi
Major compositionsRamani (रमैनी)
Sabd (सबद)
Sakhi (साखी)


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In relation to the birthplace of Kabir, the views are: Maghar and Kashi

It is argued in favor of Maghar that Kabir mentions there in his composition: “phle Darsan Maghar Payo Puni Kashi bsa ayi, that is, he saw Maghar before he lived in Kashi. Maghar is presently near Varanasi and there is also a tomb of Kabir.


Kabir started to grow up. Kabir studies – were not written – were completely different from the children of his age. The father – mother did not have the means to send the madrasa. The thought of teaching Kabir would not have arisen in the mind of the one who is worried about food every day. This is the reason why they could not get book lore.

मसि कागद छूवो नहीं , क़लम गही नहिं हाथ । पोथी पढ़ी- पढ़ी जग मुआ , पंडित भया न कोई । ढाई आखर प्रेम का पढ़े सो पंडित होय।।

Married Life

Father NameNeeru
Mother NameNeema
WifeMata Loi
SiblingsSon – Kamal
Daughter – Kamali
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Kabir was married to Kanya Loi, Palita of Wankhedi Bairagi. Kabir also had two children named Kamal and Kamali. While Kabir is considered to be Bal-Brahmachari and Virani in the Kabir Panth, according to this sect, Kamatya was his disciple. And Kamali and Loi his disciple. The word Loi has also been used as a blanket in one place. In fact, Kabir’s wife and children were both. Kabir calls Loi in one place and says:

Kahat Kabir Sunah Re Loi ।
Harri bin Rakhen har na koi ।

कहत कबीर सुनह रे लोई ।
हरि बिन राखने हार न कोई ।

It may be that the first Loi will be the wife, then Kabir later made it a disciple.


No writer has been born in the history of Hindi literature with a personality like Kabir. In glory, this personality knows only one antiquarian, Talsidas but there was a big difference between Tulsidas and Kabir’s personality. Although both were devotees, both were quite different in nature, culture and attitude. The fun, the tempering nature and the swiftness to sweep everything – has made Kabir a unique person of Hindi literature.

It is due to this personality that Kabir’s expressions attract the listener with force. He is not able to handle the charm of this personality with a sincere critique and is satisfied to call Kabir a ‘poet’. What else if such a charming speaker is not called a ‘poet’? But it should not be forgotten that this Kavarupa is an object found in Ghia. Makes special from other saints.

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Sant Kabir ji


Saint Kabir himself did not write the texts, speeches by mouth and his disciples wrote them. The glory of Ramnama is echoed in all your thoughts. They believed in the same God and were strongly opposed to rituals. They do not consider Avatar, sculpture, Roza, Eid, Masjid, Temple etc.

The number of texts found in the name of Kabir is different according to different articles. According to H.H. Wilson, there are eight texts named after Kabir. Vishp G.H. Westcott presented a list of 74 texts of Kabir, Ramdas God counted 71 books in ‘Hindutva’. Kabir’s collection of words is famous as ‘Bijak’. It has three parts :-
Ramani (रमैनी)
Sabd (सबद)
Sakhi (साखी)

Literary introduction

Kabir was a saint, poet, and social reformer . One word of his poetry came in the name of hypocrisy and religion of hypocrites, and the private shopkeepers of hypocrisy and selfishness came and shouted the flag of unjust injustice. Kabir’s sensible truth used to rain grenades on the superstitious people . Truth is such that even till today, it becomes a question mark on the environment and also hurts.

Language and style of Kabir das ji

Kabir das has used the same colloquial language. Kabir had a tremendous command over language . The language which he has said in the form that he wanted to appear, seems to be helpless in front of Kabir. He does not have the courage to say that he could not make any complaint to this careless fan.

If you consider such a king of speech to be a lover of literature – Rasik Kavyanand, he cannot be blamed. For the elements that Kabir has wanted to sound through his creation, there is no possibility of clear and vigorous language more than the language of Kabir.

Glory of Kabir Das

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Those who think of the glory of Kabir das only by these things revolve only on the surface. Kabir das was a tremendous revolutionary man. The light of his statement which could illuminate so many areas is not an introduction to the power of the ordinary. But to understand that light is the origin of matter, is a big mistake. The evoked matter points to Jyoti and gives direction to where and where Jyoti is. Even if you cross the seas circling the upper surface, you can not fathom its depth.


Kabir left his body at Maghar near Kashi. It is believed that a controversy arose over his body after death. Hindus used to say that their last rites should be done in Hindu way and Muslims used to say that in Muslim manner. Due to this controversy, when the sheet was removed from his body, people saw a pile of flowers there. Later half the flowers were taken from Hindus and half by Muslims. The Muslims cremated those flowers in the Muslim way and the Hindus in the Hindu way. There is a tomb of Kabir in Magahar. Like birth, there are differences regarding his death date and event, but most scholars consider his death as Samvat 1575 Vikrami (AD 1518), but some later historians consider his death as 1448.

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