Jaishankar Prasad Life Story and Reason of ‘Death’

Jaishankar Prasad Biography

Jaishankar Prasad was born on 30 January 1889 in a well-known Vaishya family of Kashi. In Kashi, his family was famous as ‘Sunghani Sahu‘. The reason for this was that they used to trade tobacco. Prasad’s grandfather’s name was Shivaratna Sahu and father’s name was Babu Devi Prasad. Prasad ji’s grandfather was a great devotee and kind to Shiva. His father was also very liberal and literature-lover.

Jaishankar Prasad Wiki

Full NameJaishankar Prasad Sahu
OccupationPoet, Novelist, Playwright and Storyteller
Date of Birth30 January 1889
Place of BirthKashi, Uttar Pradesh
Father NameBabu Devi Prasad
Died15 November 1937
Place of DeathVaranasi
Cause of DeathTuberculosis


Prasad ji’s childhood was spent with happiness. He traveled with his mother to Dharishtesh, Omkareshwar, Pushkar, Ujjain and Braj etc. with his mother. He also traveled by boat in the Narmada, between the Amarkantak mountain ranges. After returning from the yatra, Prasad ji’s father died. Four years after the father’s death, his mother also left him alone in the world and passed away.


Prasad ji’s upbringing and education was managed by his elder brother Shambhuratna. First Prasad ji’s was admitted to Queens College, but he did not want schooling, so his education was managed at home. At home, he started studying English and Sanskrit with qualified teachers. Prasad was fond of literature from the beginning. He often read literary books and used poetry as an opportunity. At first his brothers continued to obstruct his poetry, but when he saw that Prasad ji felt more in poetry, then he gave his complete freedom to him.


Prasad ji had a deep shock. Their economic condition deteriorated and trade also ended. Her father sold the property. This also freed him from the burden of debt, but his life continued to revolve in struggles and troubles, though Prasad ji was very sober, but his health deteriorated due to conflicts and worries. Tuberculosis caught them. AThey tried their best to get rid of this disease, but on the November 15th of 1937, the disease spread throughout the body and they left this world forever.


PoetryDrama Novels Story
Maharana ka mahtavDhruvasvaminiIravatiAkashdip
AnsuEk ghuntKankalSandeha
Prem pathikRajyashriAndhi Aur Chaya
Kanan kusumJanmejay ka yagya

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Form of Language

Just as there is diversity in the literature of Prasad ji. Similarly, his language has also taken many forms. The format of their language is formed according to the subjects. Prasad has made up his language with the corresponding Sanskrit words. Their style of expression is the main feature. Meaningful words of emotion and thoughts have come into his language easily. There is no use of idioms and proverbs in Prasad ji’s language. The use of foreign words is not found in their language.


Prasad ji’s style is divided into five parts:

The Ideological style
Chronological style
The Research style
The Graphic style
Affective style

Place in Hindi literature

The place of Rabindranath Tagore in the Bengali literature and the place of Ivan Turgenev in Russian literature, the same place in Hindi literature is that of Prasad ji. Like Rabindranath Thakur and Turgenev, Prasad has demonstrated his talent in various fields of literature. Prasad ji was also a poet, playwright, a novelist as well as a storyteller. There is no doubt that as long as Hindi-literature will exist. It will not be possible to forget Prasad ji’s name.

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