10 Strange Creepy-Crawly Medical Treatments That Actually Work
10 Strange Creepy-Crawly Medical Treatments That Actually Work
Health 10 Strange Creepy-Crawly Medical Treatments That Actually Work Ian Robertson December 19, 2018

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Most of the time, we think of insects as annoying little things invading our homes. If we don't think of them at all. Depending on your interests, the wordworm evokes thoughts of earthworms or a sea creature.

Although it can be frustrating to have a fly or a wasp buzzing around your room when you are trying to sleep at night, there are small animals out there that help keep us alive by contributing to treatments for various illnesses and diseases. There are ten examples of medical treatments that seem strange on paper but are actually very effective.

10 Wasp Venom Cancer Treatment

Photo credit: Prof. Mario Palma is a professor at the State University of Sao Paolo.

If there is one disease that we are desperate to find a cure for, it is cancer, so any breakthrough in this area is something that has to be welcomed.

The prospect of being injected with wasp venom isn't very enjoyable, but most of us would put up with it if it gave us a better chance of survival. This potential cure is still very much in the research and testing stage when it comes to humans, but it has shown itself to be effective during these tests and could be a major breakthrough.

9 Ant Head Stitches

Photo credit: I enjoy usingless knowledge.

When you are lying on the ground bleeding profusely from an injury of some kind, you probably won't care much what is used to stitch the wound up.

The process of getting the ant to bite you in the affected area and then twist it to break the body from the head is a very difficult one. In the movie Apocalypto, a method of stitching up wounds was shown.

8 Parasitic Worm Drinks

The photo was taken by Bobjgalindo.

It can be very painful for people with ulcerative colitis, a condition that causes inflammation of the colon.

Weinstock and his researchers began testing out the treatment on a single patient with a chronic bowel condition, adding eggs to a soft drink, and the patient experienced an improvement

7 Powdered Centipedes

Photo credit: Thomas Brown is a man.

In China, powdered centipedes were used as a health supplement. It is used in the treatment of a number of physical ailments, including convulsions, seizures, and lockjaw. The Chinese have used centipedes in powder form as a cancer treatment for hundreds of years.

Scientists in the West have recognized the ability of tw gong to prevent the development of tumors, even though some people may be skeptical of traditional Asian medicine.

6 Flesh-Eating Maggots

It is possible to clean a wound before stitching it because the heads of ants can be used.

The maggots actually perform two different functions in treating wounds: Firstly, they eat away all of the infected or dead tissue around the wound while leaving the healthy tissue alone; secondly, they produce secretions that keep the part of our immune system that fights off pathogens, known as the “complement response,” balanced, helping to get rid of infections

5 Silkworm Heart Patches

The photo was taken for Heart and Lung Research.

Silkworms have a slightly magical quality to them as it is, but what most people don't realize is that the silk they produce can make a difference to those who have had a heart attack.

A group of scientists based at the Indian Institute of Technology produced disks the size of a coin out of this silk, which turned out to be better for making heart patches due to their coarse texture and the presence of proteins which help cardiac muscle cells to knit together. The treatment on rats was successful, but before we can benefit from it, we have to figure out how to get enough cardiac cells to start the process.

4 Blister Beetle Wart Removers

Ramona is the photo credit.

One of the more embarrassing medical conditions to suffer from is having a wart on a visible part of your body, and that means most of us would accept any treatment that would get rid of it.

This form of treatment was used by dermatologists. It is used when other options, such as freezing the wart using liquid nitrogen or putting salicylic acid on it, have failed. The cantharidin is rubbed on the wart and a bandage is put over it. The affected area is washed with soap after around six hours. The wart will drop off when the skin is dry.

3 Leeches

During the 19th century, leeches were used the US, Asia, and Europe to drain blood from patients out of a misguided belief that a range of illnesses could be cured in this way, but we now know that leeches do actually have a legitimate role to play in health care

This is not the only condition that can be treated with leeches.

2 Caterpillar Flu Vaccine

The Canadian Biodiversity Information Facility has a photo.

The flu is an illness that we all get sometimes, and it is unpleasant.

The vaccine is created by injecting part of the flu virus from an insect into armyworm cells, where it grows and develops into substances used to create the vaccine. Thevary cells are taken when the caterpillar is in the pupal stage. The vaccine can be produced more quickly if it is developed this way.

1 Bee Honey Burn Cream

It is nice to eat honey, but it is also useful in treating a range of different illnesses.

It is good for treating burns, but it can also be used to treat pressure ulcers and other infections. The FDA approved it for treating wounds over a decade ago. It has been found in clinical trials that it helped burns heal more quickly than dressings that are made of film or gauze.

I am based in Scotland. I make short films under the name Wardlaw Films.


There are 10 really weird Chinese medical treatments and their effects.

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