10 Really Weird Chinese Medical Treatments And Their Effects
10 Really Weird Chinese Medical Treatments And Their Effects
Health 10 Really Weird Chinese Medical Treatments And Their Effects Andrew Ha September 30, 2018

Chinese medicine has been around for a long time. Around the second century BC, the first systematic records of medical techniques appeared in China. Hundreds of thousands of doctors have worked their magic, eventually giving birth to the Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The approach to medicine of the Chinese medicine called "TCM" is well-known. We are just beginning to understand how it works. There is a lot of research that can be used to put together a list of interesting, sometimes scary, and downright weird treatments.

10 Cupping

A whole new world of cupping promises a lot more than a small amount of placebo. cupping can help with chronic pain. It may be used to treat cardiovascular disease, arthritis, and high blood pressure.

According to recent research, cupping can help your body get rid of waste and toxins faster. cupping may be an effective way to relieve all sorts of pains with minimal side effects, even if there isn't evidence that it will rid you of your heart condition.

You will be ready to hit the pool again once the pain is out of the way. You may want to keep your shirt on.

9 Acupuncture

Studies show that patients respond well to the treatment for chronic pain and Fibromyalgia. As time goes on, it becomes apparent that its effectiveness is a supplemental therapy.

If you can get past the idea of being stabbed in multiple places in the name of health, you'll get the job done with a little bit of pain.

8 Ginseng

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One of the most well-known ingredients in Chinese medicine is ginseng, which is also known as a person plant root. Ginseng is a cure for all human ailments because of its resemblance to the human body. The root has many beneficial effects that can promote well-being in the long run.

Ginseng is thought to reduce inflammation. It has been shown that it can reduce stress in the body. The reduction of inflammation may affect your health in a number of ways.

7 Seahorses

One of our favorite sea-dwelling creatures is the seahorse. They are used as pets in aquariums and even as food, and have been found to have health benefits.

Sea horses are said to benefit the kidneys, sexual performance and libido, and have links to general well-being and vigor. According to practitioners, seahorses strengthen the kidneys as well as increase nerve activity.

6 Softshell Turtles

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Softshell turtles are thought to have cooling properties. It is believed that a soft turtle shell can boost the immune system.

According to some research, soft turtle shell promotes the production of immune globulin, which can prolong the existence of certain antibodies. This increases the immune system and protects us from disease.

Softshell turtles are considered a delicacy in certain areas of China as they are full of minerals andCollagen.

5 Cockroaches

In China and South Korea, cockroaches are used in cosmetics to help with burns.

They are believed to help with a number of diseases. A pharmaceutical company is developing a syrup that promises that.

4 Deer Sinew

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Deer Sinew is a Chinese staple that can be used to strengthen bones, reduce muscle spasms, and even bring relief from arthritis. The effects are thought to be related to the high level of the collagen. Studies show that this tissue can reduce bone loss in rats.

If you ever decide to buy deer bones, make sure to find a reliable source as there have been many reports of pharmacies selling cheap cattle tendons in place of the real deer.

3 Sea Stars

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Sea stars have anti- inflammatory properties. It is easy to see how an ingredient with anti- inflammatory effects would be sought after.

Western medicine is exploring these effects. There is an investigation into the application of the slimy gunk of a sea star to treat inflammation-related illnesses.

2 Caterpillar Fungus

In China, caterpillar fungus is known as "worm grass". The backs of the moth caterpillar that live high in the mountains are infecting by a scary fungus.

The fearsome fungus grows out of the host's bodies in the form of stringy, alien-like fingers. The infectious properties of the fungus do not affect humans.

Some athletes use cordyceps to boost performance. There is new research that shows activity against cancer cells that could reduce the size of tumors.

1 Gecko

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The lungs and the kidneys are linked to coughing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, so geegongs are used to fight coughs and colds. The cough will be gone in no time if you nourish the kidneys and strengthen the lungs with a pinch of dried lizard. It is often prescribed as a cure for premature ejaculation.

Have you ever wondered what that gross dried creature hanging ominously from the window of your local Chinese pharmacy is? Now you know what it does. Its effects are magical.

I am a first-year student recovering from an illness. Excited about learning a lot of weird and cool new facts.


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